We provide our customers with a weekly delivery of affordable, Eezy, tasty, healthy and sustainable food whilst we tackle food waste, give back to the community, and bring families together through cooking.

Our Customers

We strive to offer our customers access to healthy, quality, fresh ingredients and save them time shopping and the hassle of deciding of what to cook. We believe everyone has the right to eat tasty, high quality and fresh ingredients without premium prices. 


Our goal is to tackle food waste to zero. We achieve this through careful planning, using exact ingredients and Eezy to follow recipes cards to create each meal included in our boxes.

In addition to eliminating food waste, we also believe helping the environment and seek to leave it a better place for our children.

Freshly Sourced

Where food comes from is as important as how it tastes. We strive to utilise seasonal produce, as well as sourcing from sustainable farms.

Giving Back

Giving back to our community is essential and we want to end world hunger. According to the United Nations, there are over eight million people in Britain, the world’s sixth largest economy, who are living in food poverty. An estimated 870,000 children in England are going to bed hungry each night because their parents are unable to provide meals for their families.

We believe in starting with our local communities and confronting this issue at home. Therefore to continue to tackle hunger. Help us in helping our communities!

What can I do?

Be smart with leftovers to help save the money and planet. Keep an eye on our Blog for useful tips to get the most out of kitchen leftovers.